The freshness of peach in a can!



Peach is a summer fruit par excellence, fresh and succulent, with a splendid aroma, vibrant colour and high nutritional value, even when canned.

Discover a story of delight with European Peaches!

Every land has its stories, which its people like to share. Beginning with those who plant and tend to the trees and all the way up to those sealing the packages of European canned peaches, these people compose a puzzle to tell a grant tale. A tale of love for raw ingredients, where taste and nutrients play the leading roles. A story that will travel you to blooming trees and carry a summer ambiance to your table… A tale of European delight!

Peach and its History

The peach tree has been cultivated since ancient times in Asia, but with the passage of time it spread around the world. The European history of this beloved stone fruit begun in the era of Alexander the Great, who bought back the knowledge relating to the cultivation of the peach tree from his famous expeditions in the depths of Asia.

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Enjoy! It’s from Europe!

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