Highlights from the in-store promotion in Singapore!

Press event in Canada
December 4, 2021
Tasting Days in Canada!
February 28, 2022

Α promotional action took place from February 5th to 10th in selected supermarkets! The consumers in Singapore had the opportunity to taste the European Fresh Canned Peaches and to learn more about their quality and their production.
The action lasted for six days and included the installation of 22 specially designed stands with the logos and messages of the program, the EU co-funding, and ‘Enjoy It’s from Europe’ outlets in Singapore’s city center.

At each point of sale shop, a trained promoter informed the consumers about the product by giving them a brochure of the program and a sample of canned food peaches with the ‘FRESHCANO’ label. At the same time, consumers filled questionnaires in order to record their opinions and views of the final product. During the campaign, 28 000 samples of 410 g and brochures of the program have been given to the consumers.  

Here are some highlights of the promotion as well as the supermarkets that took part in the action.

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