Presentation event in Seoul

Invitation to event in Seoul
February 17, 2020
Freshcano sampling in South Korea
February 26, 2020

On February 18th, 2020, at 18.00, the event of the European Project ‘FRESHCANO- EUROPEAN CANNED PEACHES’ was held in a private area of La Grillia Restaurant, a Mediterranean restaurant in the center of Seoul, South Korea. A large number of guests attended this presentation event, including people from various business industries of Seoul such as Logistics, Transport, Media, Advertising and Food. They had the opportunity to learn more about the quality and the nutritional value of the European canned peaches that produced in Greece.

The Honorable Ambassador of the Greek Embassy in Seoul has graced the event along with many other relevant and important guests. They bring promise and assurance that they will help and assist in the promotion of the European canned peaches in the market of South Korea.

According to the speaker on behalf of the Association of Producers Organization from Greece, the cultivation and production process of the canned peaches, as well as all the necessary systems of integrated management and certifications followed by the producers of the Association. Interesting data was also presented about the Cultivated Area of clingstone peaches trees of Central Macedonia, the birth place of Alexander the Great.

The great responsibility of our farmer producers for cultivating quality products and organized services such as fully technologically and technically compost producing plants ensure quality, consistency and efficiency in products exported to many countries around the world. Canned fruit is loved by all, always ready and packed at the peak of ripeness with all the goodness locked inside. Canned fruit has similar levels of vitamins A to fresh fruit and like apricots and peaches is high in antioxidants.

The menu that La Grillia Restaurant has prepared for the guests included delicious desserts with European canned peaches produced in Greece.

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