Nutritional value

Nutritional value

Nutritional value of canned peach

Peach is the summer fruit par excellence, fresh, juicy and with a splendid aroma and high nutritional value, even after it is canned.

Specific stages are involved in the canning of peaches, including the sorting and peeling of the fruits, their placement in suitable containers where water, juice or syrup are added, while air is removed from the container and the fruits are finally pasteurized by undergoing a thermal process.

The findings of a research carried out by the departments of Food Science of the Universities of Oregon and California regarding the nutrients contained in fresh and canned peaches were truly impressive:

NutritiousNutritional value per 100 gr peach
Energy, Κcal3768
Fat, g0,080,04
Cholesterol, mg00
Carbohydrates, g9,515
Sodium, mg06,3
Potassium, mg167122
Proteins, g0,60,55
Vitamin Α9,18,9
Vitamin C9,38,9
Calcium, mg4,33,8
Folic acid, mg0,731

Source: Durst RW and Weaver GW, J Sci Food Agric., “Nutritional content of fresh and canned peaches”, 2013.

Canned peaches do not appear to fall short in terms of nutrients compared to fresh ones. They contain vitamins, minerals and micronutrients on equal levels to fresh peaches, since canning causes minimal losses to nutrients in peaches, comparable to those caused by cooking

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